"Capt. Sam is the man! Not much else to it than that. He is a great fisherman with a great love for the sport as well as a respect for the fish that he catches. Definitely the best charter fishing experience I have had in my life and I learned so much from him. Even the coldest days don't stop Sam!"  - Mitchell Miller

"I can't recommend going out with Sam enough. We wanted to go out and target specifically reds, snook, and tarpon. Each place he took us held the exact fish he expected. I can't wait to get back down to Vero and go out with him again." - Adam Cherubini

"I went out twice with Capt. Sam in January and had a great experience. The weather was windy and cold, not conditions that were especially conducive to fly fishing. He did a great job of covering a lot of ground up and down the Indian River, finding areas that were somewhat sheltered from the wind and getting me good opportunities to hook up. He is a super-nice guy who has a lot of local knowledge - I'll definitely fish with him again." - Bruce Wood